Monday, February 27, 2012

Teen Violence: School Shooting in Chardon, Ohio

The news is breaking on Monday, February 27, 2012 with yet another headline story about a student shooting at the 1,100-student Chardon High School about 30 miles east of Cleveland. According to the latest updates one student gunman has been taken into custody and weapons have been recovered. The suspect was located by following his tracks in the snow. A parent says that the shooting occurred while students were eating breakfast in the cafeteria, relating, A boy "stood up and started shooting, and then it was chaos," parent Jeannette Roth said. A teacher saw the shooting occur and chased the suspect, who still escaped.

It's reported that one student was killed and four others injured, but the extent of the injuries isn't known at the time of this post. The fear in the hearts of parents, teachers and other students is unimaginable.

Violence among teens can be sourced to many areas, one in particular is bullying.  Not to use as an excuse for lethal behavior, but as a reason for the tragedies occurring among our teens, often the ultimate act of violence, murder, as seen in Chardon and other schools across the country in the past.

Statistics show that 23% of students in grades 4-6 had been bullied several times or more and 20% had bullied others. Bullying is closely linked to drug and alcohol use – both by the child who is bullied and the child who bullies. It is not a right of passage. It is not something that kids "just do." It is peer abuse and needs to be effectively addressed.

According to research there are specific signs and red flags to watch for if being exhibited by certain students. It's imperative for parents and teachers to be aware of them and know how to handle each individual properly. There are also warning signs exhibited by those who are the bullies and the bully's friends or bystanders, also characteristics to be recognized to allow for prevention of incidents and intervention with these specific individuals.  Students Who Are Bullied/Students Who Bully Others

Bullying takes on many forms and is used against a wide range of young people who are seen as "different" or "not as good as" other classmates for friends, or someone who just doesn't fit in with a group or individual who is bent on making their lives miserable.  The impact of bullying, not only in teen social circles, but within the schools and other organizations, causing an environment of fear and disrespect, often leads to tragic incidents like school shootings and teen suicide.

As today goes on and more information comes out about the shooter, it's past time to take this issue seriously in every school and family across America. Teaching and making children aware about violence and what is not appropriate behavior should start very young. Teen dating violence needs to be understood completely before a teen goes on a first date. Most importantly, educating on how to build healthy relationships is a collaboration of many. 

Experts, parents, teachers and anyone in a child leadership position should be the ones that a child can turn to for answers, protection and advice. Learn about it. Know it. Don't let these tragedies continue.


  1. Bullying is simply violence nothing more nothing less. It is evident that bullying exist in every institution and never been stopped as history is concerned. I know there are many programs that have been made to help the problem but it is not enough if the kids and teens are not given the motivation that they should have in the process.

  2. it's horrible, I can't even imagine someone with a gun in my school! laplallpa500

  3. i cant imagine the pain these kids must be going through... i wonder what the bully is going through that makes then want to do that


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