Thursday, February 23, 2012

Is Chris Brown Melting Down?

Once again, the bad boy who beat up Rihanna, Chris Brown, is making the headlines and it's possible that there may be an arrest   If that happens, he could get jail time on a probation violation.  Yes, he is still on probation until 2014 for the assault on Rihanna. There is a timeline of events over past weeks that show Brown is clearly acting out in a public way, and who knows what's going on behind closed doors.

According to reports from TMZ , E!Online, and other sources, Chris Brown snatched a cell phone from a fan in Miami as she was snapping a picture of him inside his car. Brown then grabbed the phone from her and said, "Bitch, you ain't going to put that on no website," rolled up the window and left with her $500 iPhone.  The fan filed a police report which is being reviewed by the Miami-Dade States Attorney and there could be a warrant waiting for Chris soon.

This latest scrape comes on the heels of his Grammy performances, where he was seemingly "forgiven" by some of his peers and fans, and acting like the incident with Rihanna was just a "thing." Then came the Twitter tirade! It's a good thing Brown's early release from probation was denied, because it's clear that he's headed down the slippery slope where many abusers make big mistakes. His hostility towards a fan will be blamed on other things like stress, celebrity deprivation of privacy, or any number of excuses, but in the end  there are no more excuses for his bad behavior.

I wrote in an earlier article at Here Women Talk about the rumors surrounding Chris Brown and Rihanna getting back together and the dangerous ramifications to our teens. We know that abused women and girls often return to the abuser several times, sometimes putting themselves in lethal danger. To do this while the public is watching sends extremely bad messages, and, yes, it comes with the territory of celebrity, just like the big black Bentley Brown drives. Chris Brown and Rihanna are role models to millions of teens and tweens all over the world, they could have made several responsible decisions after the incident, but neither seems to have done that.

In that earlier article I stated:

Fast forward to present day. Rihanna and Chris Brown are getting back together, the headlines read. What does that say to our teens, that the victim is going back to her abuser? If Rihanna and Chris Brown aren’t going to address it then who is? It is up to parents and advocates to talk to teens and tweens. IF you don’t agree with the actions of celebrities then teach your teens and tweens. Talk to them about unacceptable behaviors because obviously Rihanna, Eminem, Chris Brown, and the companies aren’t talking! 

I stand by this 100% especially in light of Chris Brown's subsequent actions in the public arena. Parents need to prepare their teens now for the meltdown of Chris Brown; it will probably get worse. 

By the way, don't forget this face!

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