Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Where is Michelle Parker?

The People’s Court.  An Engagement Ring.  A broken Relationship.  A Missing Woman.  After the recording and airing of a People’s Court episode a woman named Michelle Parker went missing.  After her relationship went sour, a court case ensured regarding payment for the engagement ring.  After the judge said that she owned half the cost to her ex-fiancé, she went home to her twins and eleven year old daughter.  She dropped off the twins with their father, her ex-fiancé.   After that, she disappeared.  Information regarding Michelle’s relationship to her e-fiancé is sparse but after seeing the insults, arguments, and volatility during the court episode, I have little doubt that there was some degree of domestic violence happening.  Who saw Michelle last?  Was it her ex-fiancé or someone else?  What is is it going to take for someone to step forward?

Michelle disappeared right after the episode of the People’s Court aired.  Her family spent the Thanksgiving holiday searching, praying, and wondering where their lost daughter, sister, and mother was.   Is this another case of a domestic violence relationship ending in the ultimate violent act?  Was her ex-fiancé, so angry at the embarrassment of the show that he took her life?  Where is she?  Could she have benefited from an Evidentiary Abuse Affidavit?  Was this relationship domestic violence?  Where is Michelle Parker?  What is her family going through?  What are they telling her children? 

There are a lot more unanswered questions, speculation, and worry than actual answers.  Michelle did leave a voicemail for her family.  But does it provide any worthy clues or information regarding her whereabouts?  For now, her family is left wondering and I am left worrying.  I worry that yet another possible domestic violence victim has been lost due to the violence and still, most of society sits back and watches.  They sit back and watch, and while some may be outraged that it where it ends.  How many more lives have to be lost?  How many more children do we have to sit and explain to, what happened to mommy?  How many more before the outrage turns to action?   


  1. Susie: This is very disturbing! I have just written a future post on reality judge shows. However, it is a somewhat satirical piece...
    Did Judge Marilyn Millian weigh in on the events after the episode? I certainly hope that she is making every effort to get involved! She was formerly hired by Janet Reno. If she takes no stand and is not proactive, what does that say about judges in general? These shows can be the precipitating event like a volcano! Let's hope Michelle is located soon!


  2. I have always wondered, pondered, and considered what role reality TV plays in domestic violence, bullying, and teen dating violence. At what point are judges, producers, and networks etc. partially or totally responsible for outcomes? After all, drama, rage, drunken and other antics are sought for their curious/voyeur/train wreck draw or appeal to the reality tv viewer. Very few people are interested in morals, healthy relationships, and setting a good example to impressionable minds. Enjoyed reading your comment, Lady Justice.
    Susie Kroll


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