Thursday, June 2, 2011

Money and Fame Don't Matter

A few weeks back I wrote about Cyber-haunting.  The article was in reference to Dustin Zitto, from the Real World Las Vegas.  He did amateur porn on the internet and was family doing various things nude with other young men.  He felt he could keep it a secret and that his actions as a 19 and 20 year old man wouldn’t be a factor in his future.  When his secret did come out on the show, he ended up losing his new girlfriend for a time.  Zitto had to deal with many different facets of his porn past being on the internet for all to find.

A new headline came up today involving Jennifer Lopez and her first marriage to Ojani Noa.  This marriage ended over 13 years ago.  But the headline and story was about her honeymoon tapes with Noa.  She, in all her infinite money, lost the case to keep Noa and his current girlfriend from shopping porn studios to sell said honeymoon videos.  It is unclear if there is nudity but the article when on to say these were not sex tapes.  Jennifer Lopez spent a year in the court system trying to block the sale or shop of the tapes to sites like porntube, pornhub, and others. 

In this day and age, where recording videos, taking digital pictures, and passing them around can happen in a matter of nanoseconds, what should teens be learning from this?  Jennifer Lopez thought her marriage would last forever.  These videos were taken before she was an international superstar.  I don’t think she ever envisioned that someone she loved would ever one, use the videos against her, two sell them for a huge profit, and three, betray the trust, respect, and love they once had.  If teens are taking videos or pictures of acts or things with the “loves of their lives” it would be in their best interests to be aware of cyber-haunting.  It may happen a few years down the road, 13 years down the road, or even a few days later.  Things change in teen world in an instant.  One moment it is true love and the next someone is your arch-enemy.

It is of the utmost importance to mind and care for your cyber-identity whether you are a teen or an adult.  Is taking the picture or video worth the memory or high during that moment.  It is a point to ponder.      

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